The Phil Stevenson Trio play an original and melodic brand of groove-based jazz, laced with the warmth of blues and improvisation. With the emphasis on original material, they are influenced by artists such as Eddie Harris, the Meters and Jimi Hendrix. The trio have played to packed crowds at the Southbank 2014 ‘Pull out all the stops’ festival, the Archduke in SE1, and Jazz at the Salisbury.

The aim of this band is to have fun plotting a wide course through the 60's funk sound, from the looseness of New Orleans to the locked-up grooves of James Brown, drawing on raw blues and with occasional nods to joyful west african guitar styles.

Featuring two fantastic musicians, Pat Levett on drums and Bill Mudge on Hammond organ.

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"...a very tasteful mixture of tunes that will keep all of the audience interested. Drawing on influences like the Meters and Jimmy McGriff for his originals, Stevenson knows how to pay his respects and then add something new." London Jazz News

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